A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

DESPONDENT is an abstract cinematic game experience.

The glimmer of hope left within you is dwindling.
In a city devoid of the light that grants people purpose,
will you go forth to reclaim it?

This  game was developed as part of my final uni project for the RMIT Bachelor of Design (Games) 2017. 

Developed by Simon Tran -  Twitter  |  Tumblr  |  Instagram 


  • Player Movement:  WASD keys
  • Move Camera : Mouse Movement
  • Examine: E key
  • Sprint : Left-Shift (only when prompted to.)
  • Exit Game: Esc
  • Restart Game : O key


'The Core oF a Matter'

  • Subete Ga F Ni Naru (AKA "THE PERFECT INSIDER") (2015)
  • Composer: Kenji Kawai


despondent_win_v1_1.zip 50 MB
despondent_mac_v1_1.zip 56 MB


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Such a powerful message from such a simple game. Loved the small puzzles and metaphors! The audio cues were a great touch as well! The camera was the only thing I think could be changed quite a bit, as it was a bit all over the place and confusing at first. Great game nonetheless! Keep it up, dude!

Mac: camera movement is too spastic, really disorientating. (too many times that I couldn't tell how many times the camera was turned around during one movement of the mouse.)

Simon! This game rocks! It's artistic and powerful. 

I especially like the different prospective angles you use in this game. It's just great and everyone needs to play it. Now I do joke a lot in my videos, but don't think the symbolism and beauty of this game is lost on me. Great job mate. We all need a little hope in our days sometimes. :)

Thank you very much! I'm really happy that you enjoyed it.
It was challenging trying to convey a theme artistically through the game, but I'm glad it managed to make an impact on you. 

It will be awhile before I develop my next game project, but do look forward to it in the future :)

I will be waiting ;)